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Introducing OPTIMUM HEALTH FOR KIDS: The One-Day Nutrition Course Designed to Help You Improve Your Child’s Health, Boost His Brain Power, and Help Him Reach His Maximum Potential in Life. It is Based on Guaranteed Methods on How To Prevent Fussy Eating, Food Tantrums, and Energy Rollercoasters, How To Incorporate Healthy Eating Into Your Day-to-Day Lives, and How To Establish Positive Eating Habits For Children, All the Way Into Adulthood.

Original price BD 129.000 (Approx £ 172.00).
Now it can be yours for just
BD 59 (Approx £ 102.00)!

Testimonials: Read what people have to say about the course.

Dear friend,

Have you ever stopped to think about the health of the kids around you. Have you noticed that many kids today are on energy rollercoasters, they are getting sick frequently, they are battling weight issues, and they are fussy with their eating? Does this happen to your kids too? If so, then please read this letter very carefully.

When I had my first child a few years ago I realised how little I knew about feeding children. Although I knew a lot about nutrition for kids, I got confused when it was my own child and I got even more confused when different people gave me mixed advice. I really wanted to give the best to my baby but I discovered that there’s so much information out there that I didn’t really know what to do, and worse, I didn’t know how to do it.

As my baby grew, my confusion got bigger. Here I was trying to offer healthy food, but the harder I tried, the more she resisted. I learned a hard lesson: children can be very fussy and difficult around food (especially healthy food) and they’re so smart that they can trick you into giving them what they want!

Over time, I realised from talking to other mothers and caretakers that many of them were in the same situation. Like me, they were trying hard but they faced many obstacles. Their Children were not eating healthy. They would only eat from a small selection of food, they loved junk food, and they were addicted to sweets and chocolates. Some of them were not even willing to try a new food no matter what. Worse yet, those parents were totally confused about what to do. They had their family telling them one thing, TV and magazines telling them another, and their instincts telling them something completely different. So they got confused and ended up doing nothing at all! Does that happen to you?

You Are Not Alone

I remember feeling frustrated with everything because on the one hand I knew what healthy food meant, but I didn’t know how to get my kids to eat it! I found myself giving in many times because I couldn’t handle another tantrum or more headaches. And I was so short of time that I was offering options that were far from ideal but there was nothing I could do about it.

  • Don’t you hate it when your child won’t try a new food? Or worse, when he won’t even touch a meal that you worked hard at creating...
  • Do you ever wonder why your child has a tendency to eat a certain kind of food and nothing else? Why he would refuse all your offers of variety and opt for the same old plain pasta or rice or whatever he’s hooked on?
  • Don’t you wish your child would eat more vegetables and salads?
  • Don’t you wish your family members would help you out with keeping your child healthy, instead of spoiling him with unlimited sweets and chocolates?
  • Wouldn’t you like your spouse to support your health efforts, back you up with your lifestyle changes, and trust your judgment when it comes to nutrition?
  • Don’t you get embarrassed when your child is the only one running around and screaming while others are well-behaved? Or when your child is aggressive towards other kids and you don’t know why?
  • Don’t you get worried when your child gets sick frequently and you are left to decide on the best medication or the right thing to do? It’s those horrible moments late at night when your child is burning with fever and you’re lying down staring at the ceiling, not knowing what to do.

The good news is that you are not alone. Many mothers are in the same boat, and it can be very confusing. As mothers, we have to carry the burden of our kid's health on our shoulders. We are expected to know and do everything right, and that pressure can be very difficult.

To be honest, I don’t blame you if your child’s diet is not healthy; with all the stress, time restrictions, and social responsibilities, who has time to think about healthy food! With all the mixed messages out there telling you something new everyday about nutrition and health and all that’s going on in your busy life, I totally see how you can put nutrition further down on your list or priorities (I’ve been guilty of doing that myself sometimes!).

So, if nutrition has been low on your priorities list, this is me nudging you to remind you that it’s really important. In fact, it’s one of your most important roles as caretaker. Don’t delay much longer. Start taking action now. I can show you how I did it and how I helped other mothers do it too!

It’s One Thing To Know What Kids Should Eat....

As a mother, I wanted to offer more to my kids in terms of health. I wanted them to benefit from all the nutritious food out there, but I also wanted them to enjoy their healthy food. I wanted it to be part of their lives and I wanted them to develop taste buds for good food instead of junk. Being a Nutritional Therapist, I had the knowledge of the ‘what to offer’ but I had to figure out the ‘how’. Many years back, when I first qualified as a nutritional therapist, I thought it was easy to feed healthy food to kids. I knew very little about the effects of television, family, friends, and school on their food habits and choices. And I knew even less about how they often like to exert their right to choose, more so when the mother is tired or stressed. In my consulting office, I saw a lot of kids in bad need of healthy food and even more mothers desperate to make things right.

I remember feeling very angry and helpless about the situation. Children’s diets are horrendous, and it was showing in their behaviour, their declining learning abilities, their lowered immunity, their rising obesity rates, and their overall health! I couldn’t just sit there and watch, I had to do something. So I started to seriously look into it.

As a nutritional therapist, I wanted to offer my clients (other parents) advice that works. I wanted my consultation to be the last stop for them in their quest for good health for their children. So I took a dive into books, research studies, and experiments. Everything that I discovered I tested on my own kids. As I was improving my own kids’ health, I was also learning a lot from them. From daily eating habits to introducing new foods and treating common ailments, I tried and tested everything. I even went deep into child psychology to discover how a child’s mind works and how to most effectively manipulate it and positively influence it.

As a result of many years of hard work, I’m glad to report that my kids have a much healthier relationship with food now which I hope will stay with them long after I’m gone. But even better news: all the other mothers who have implemented this advice (friends, family, and my own clients) have seen amazing results. It brings tears to my eyes when I even think about all the kids that have benefited from a change in their diet. Their lives were turned around and changed forever because their mother made a decision to learn and had the courage to implement.

"With your advice, I am now a lot more confident in knowing what to give [my son]. I’m no longer worried about him not eating. He became a lot less fussy and his behaviour turned 180 degrees, thanks to you." Zainab, mother of three

"I implemented your advice on my children and saw amazing results. The winter season passed very smoothly this year with hardly any illnesses and no visits to the doctor. My daughter eats much better now and I’m very happy with her growth and development. And the Kids Menu outline is great; it incorporates so many healthy ideas and makes feeding my kids healthy food much easier to maintain." Eman, mother of two

"Because of you, I am proud of myself as a mother. I feel like I have an ocean of knowledge compared to before. Food time is now fun and joy instead of the stress it used to be. I love experimenting with new foods and I love to sit back and see the positive effect healthy food is having on my children. It has changed all our lives; thanks Alia." Mona, working mother of two

... And there are many more stories like that. Stories of children whose lives were turned around because of an improvement in diet. Stories of mothers who are now a lot happier and significantly less stressed because of their knowledge; mothers who are now empowered to take on the role health provider in the family.

This was the background that resulted in the birth of my latest book, I want healthy kids. This book was born when I realised that my issues as a mother were very similar to all the other mothers out there; I found I was repeating my advice over and over again. So I put it all in the book; real nutrition tips that work for busy mothers who want to do it right but don’t know how.

The book created record sales in Bahrain and sold over 300 copies on opening weekend. It was received so well that all the mothers who have read it came back to me with great news: it gave them easy realistic solutions to an ongoing struggle and, for the first time, they saw hope in their kids eating healthy.

But I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted more mothers and kids to benefit.

I Found It And It Was Worth The Wait!

It’s not always easy to implement from a book. And although mine was quite a comprehensive book, I remembered that as a mother I wanted even more hands-on tips. I wanted more details on how to implement, more discussion, more answers to my questions. I wanted to be able to say to others (including my husband), "trust me on this issue, I know; I’ve taken the course".

So, for you, I’ve gone the extra step. I have created a full-day course that will help you take your children’s health to the next level.

Imagine a day when your child would wake up and request a healthy breakfast; he would have enough energy to study and play, and he would bring home a report card of straight As. Better yet, imagine your child choosing vegetable sticks over chips, or a bran muffin over donuts. And then imagine your child breezing through flu season strong and energetic, not missing any school days (or precious sleep) all semester.

Did you know that kids who eat nutritious food have higher IQs, perform better in school, and get into less trouble with their friends? Also, kids who have a balanced diet get sick less often, they have stable energy levels that last them through the day, behave better in public, and enjoy a bunch of health signs such as better digestion and brighter skin. From my experience and research, I can even tell you that children’s diets today don’t only affect them in the short-run, but the health effects last throughout life. A child with an iron deficiency, for example, will continue to be at an intellectual disadvantage compared to children who don’t; and that disadvantage will continue long into adulthood.

The best gift you could give your child is the gift of health… so read on and I’ll tell you how.

Original price BD 129.000 (Approx £ 172.00).
Now it can be yours for just
BD 59 (Approx £ 102.00)!

Terms & Conditions *

This Is The Answer You’ve Been Looking For

With the right techniques, children can eat a lot more nutritiously. In fact, you can get them to eat just about anything you want if you know what you’re doing. I’ve tried it and it can be done. But the trick is to first have the right information. I have seen too many mothers forcing their children to finish their plate or to eat certain foods that are in fact not good for them; or worse yet, they are using the wrong facts when talking to their kids about food.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you acquire the knowledge, you can fly with the approach, and before you know it your child’s health will be at its peak and your mind will finally be at peace.

Using nutrition to your advantage does not have to be complicated. You’re not supposed to memorise the food pyramid or remember how many servings are in a cup of rice. What you need is more practical information, and once you have the right tools, you’ll awaken your natural mother instincts where health information comes naturally to you and your family.

The Course That Will Change Your Life

This is where I come in. Because I want to make life easier for you and because I know that you’re busy and short on time, I have put together the most comprehensive information you’ll ever need to know to keep your kids healthy. And I’ve bundled it all up in an easy-to-access one-day course that not only will save you time, but will be the key to moving your kids and your family to the next level.

This course will teach you valuable information that you will never get elsewhere. It will save you reading dozens of books on the subject or surfing the net for hours. It will put to rest any confusion that you might have and will answer all your questions. Basically, you will be the nutrition expert in your family and you will be able to take care of your loved ones like you’ve always wanted.

Once you’ve completed the course, you will have knowledge and skills that will last you a lifetime, and you’ll have a certificate to show for it. You will be able to confidently implement never-before-seen methods that your family will thank you for one day. You will see with your own eyes how your kids’ health will improve and their physical and mental performance will soar. You will give them a chance to live to their maximum potential all the way into adulthood.

This course is for you if:

  • You are a parent or caretaker and would like to elevate your child’s health
  • You are a teacher or school owner who deals with children on a regular basis
  • You are a healthcare provider and would like to learn more about the nutrition aspects of children’s health
  • You are a charity or organisation leader and deal with children or parents
  • You are working with children of special needs and are interested in getting a background of nutrition for kids
  • You work in or own a food outlet or restaurant and would like to learn how to create healthy menus and enrich your young customers’ health
  • You are interested in changing careers and would like to know if this field is as interesting as it seems (and it is!)
  • Or if you are in any other way connected to children or will be connected to children in the future.
  • This is the perfect opportunity to elevate your expertise, increase your knowledge, and be the change in kids health today!

What You Will Get From This Course...

This full-day event will enable you to find the health potential in your child and enhance it. You will receive a balanced combination of nutrition, health and strategy lessons with practical exercises, to ensure you and your kids are ready to implement my principles into your day-to-day lives. During this full-day event, you will obtain priceless knowledge about how to keep your children healthy.

YOU will:

  • Acquire all the information you need about kids nutrition
  • Learn how to apply nutrition and healthy eating to your day-to-day lives
  • Interact with other mothers and caretakers of similar concerns
  • Learn how to solve kids health issues in the most efficient way and struggle less at mealtimes
  • Get the skills to interpret your child’s symptoms and resolve them
  • Be able to analyse your environment and judge its effect on your child’s health
  • Prevent illness and disease and prepare your child to stand against viruses and bacteria
  • Find out what’s realistic in terms of health; when to put your foot down when it comes to food choices, and when to let go
  • Understand children’s eating psychology and how to positively influence it
  • Know how to overcome common obstacles such as fussy eating, family pressure, or fatigue
  • Be able to ask questions and get personalised answers
  • Be able to analyse yourself and understand your influence on your child’s eating habits
  • Get motivated to make a change in your child’s life and learn exactly how to do it
  • Be able to have an effect on your child’s health today as well as the health of many generations to come

What’s even better is that your child will benefit too!

And as an amazing bonus to your attendance, YOUR CHILD will:

  • Develop a healthy relationship with food and with you
  • Have the ability to resist illness and prevent disease
  • Perform better in school, tests, and will have a higher IQ
  • Improve in behaviour and will start to show improved public interaction
  • Have better physical ability and sports performance
  • Develop health food habits and taste buds for nutritious food
  • Maintain his ideal weight and see improvements in skin, hair, nails, and much more
  • Be better in-tuned with his body, allowing him to better notice any health changes and pinpoint symptoms
  • Be able to make his own healthy food choices, even when you’re not around

With me as your course leader and lecturer, you will be getting detailed information on various topics that touch upon every aspect of kids’ health. You will learn about your child’s symptoms and how to interpret them, you’ll learn how to use food to resolve the most pressing issues, how to introduce new healthy foods, how to shop and cook for your kids, how to clean up the existing diet, how to set realistic food plans and menus, how to handle fussy eaters, and best of all, how to be a positive food influence in your child’s life.

Topics covered:

  • Health symptoms to look out for in your child
  • Common deficiencies and how to address them
  • Digestion and brain power, the body’s main systems
  • The biggest food offenders and how to replace them
  • Is my child toxic?
  • Settling the dairy confusion
  • Natural remedies for common illnesses
  • Hyperactivity and weight – today’s biggest concerns
  • Dealing with fussy eaters
  • Best methods for kids cooking
  • It all starts at the supermarket
  • Making food interesting
  • My mother my appetite – kids food psychology
  • Dealing with outside influences
  • Lifestyle changes that will save your child’s life
  • Creating your own menus and food options
  • And much more......

I will teach you the skills that took me many years to acquire; the skills that will put an end to unpredictable health and will make you in charge again.

And I will also reveal a few nutrition secrets that I have never before mentioned anywhere!

But that’s not all you get...

In addition to the no-fail nutrition and health principles, you will also get:

Lifetime skills that you can apply to any of your kids, anywhere. Better yet, these skills can also be used for the whole family in your efforts to keep yourself and your children health.

Peace of mind. You’ll know that you’re doing your best at being a good caretaker for your children. You will no longer feel that there’s something missing. You’ll be doing all you can to elevate your children’s health and you’ll be doing it well.

Happiness. There is nothing to describe the feeling you get when your child comes home with high test results, when a hyperactive child sits alone and reads, or when a fussy child decides to have salad. This is the feeling you’ll get once you’ve done the course. You’ll know what to do and it will work wonders.

Prevention. This course is like taking preventive methods to protect the health of your loved ones (and yourself). If enough people took preventive nutritional measures, hospitals will go out of business. Learning these valuable methods of keeping your children healthy will be similar to your ensuring their life and their health.

Satisfaction. By doing this course you will get an amazing sense of accomplishment and a great satisfaction in knowing that you’ve done the most you can do as a mother and caretaker. This course can become one of your great achievements that will probably be the most useful for you and your family for many years to come.

Empowerment in knowledge. Once you have the knowledge, you will be empowered to make a change. This empowerment will help you take charge of the health of your family and be able to lead them in the right direction of optimum health.

Less stress and guilt. With this course, you will be able to combat a mother’s biggest influences: stress and guilt. Mealtimes will no longer be a source of stress, you will not need to worry about your kids eating healthy, and you will have a lot less guilt when it comes to their diet and lifestyle habits. You will have the skills to feel great about what you’re doing.

Preserved sanity. This is the best benefit of all. Once you hush all the clutter of mixed messages and outside influences, you will have internal peace and quiet which will allow you more time to think and give way to your natural creativity. You will feel calm and a general feeling of wellbeing simply by knowing how to feed your children and how to overcome daily obstacles that come in the way.

Learning at its maximum. At this event, you’ll be the direct receiver of guaranteed methods and information that I have researched and applied over many years. You’ll be able to surpass the unnecessary stuff and jump right into what works. I will be giving you the most important skills you need, and you will also be able to discuss them with like-minded people and ask questions.

And Now For The Good News!

You can take advantage of this amazing course by ordering it immediately. It will be the best decision you make this year. I guarantee that you will not regret it. Think of it as an investment into your future and that of your family. Once you have the information, nobody can take it away from you; it will be yours to implement and experiment with and your kids will thank you for it one day.

This course will change your life, and you will never look back. Soon, you will be the one teaching your friends about how to do it well!Once you improve a child’s nutrition habits at home, you’re not only helping them achieve optimum health, but you’re also instilling a chain of good health for many generations to come. Your children will be repeating your eating lessons with their own kids. You can be the one who helps them get more out of their life, have healthier babies in the future, and continue to apply the knowledge that you started for many years to come.

  • 4 DVDs with printed presentation slides
  • The ‘How To’ Course Manual – all you need to know to start implementing
  • Special Report – 7 Secrets Parents Wish They Knew About Their Kids Health

Original price BD 129.000 (Approx £ 172.00).
Now it can be yours for just
BD 59 (Approx £ 102.00)!

Terms & Conditions *

Think of it as an investment into your family’s health.

Think of it as investing into better health for your children, less need for medication, and less visits to the hospital. Think of it as paying for giving your child a new chance to perform better, achieve more, and get all he wants in life.

What’s even better is that you get a lot more to go with your package. As part of your one-day journey toward health for kids, you’ll get:

  • A set of 4 DVDs covering the full-day's event (1.5hr each)
  • Printed lecture slides
  • A Special ‘How To’ Manual outlining what you need to do immediately to start your journey towards better health
  • A special report entitled: 7 Secrets Parents Wish They Knew About Their Kids Health
  • BONUS: my latest book I WANT HEALTHY KIDS

Remember that this course is the only one of its kind offered in the region, so hurry because the demand is every high and the packages are running out fast.

If you are serious about:

  • Keeping your child healthy
  • Instilling good eating habits
  • Giving your child the best chance in life
  • Enhancing your child’s physical and mental potential
  • And achieving great vibrant health for the whole family

... then this is the perfect course for you. No more memorising food pyramids, googling health information, or painfully waiting out a food tantrum; this course will give you straight-forward, easy nutrition and lifestyle tips that actually work. You will learn about foods your need to add to your child’s diet and how, which foods cause the most damage and how to phase them out, what foods your child will thrive on, applying natural remedies to common health complaints, and much much more.

Keeping your kids healthy does not have to be a complicated process. It can be easy and fun and it can start today!

Terms & Conditions *

If you’ve still got questions…

Here are some answers to some questions that you might have:

Q. What language is the course held in?
The full-day course is held in English.

Q. What if I do the course and my child still won’t eat healthy?
Once you do the course, I assure you that you will have the skills and the know-how to get your child to eat healthy. If your child still won’t eat healthy, then you have to re-examine your approach and make sure that you’re implementing ALL the points outlined in the course. And you also have to give your child some time to adjust to the new lifestyle and food. With time and perseverance, your child will show significant health improvements and his food choices will improve.

Q. The course is expensive, I can’t afford it
As I explained above, you should look at it as an investment. If you break down the cost and divide it over the number of years that you will be using this information, then the price is actually very low! Moreover, this course will not only benefit one person (you) but it will also benefit all the members of your family and even your extended family. Investing in your knowledge and skills is the best investment there is. Remember, this course was originally sold for BD129.000 (£172.00), but now it can be yours for just BD59.000 (£102.00)!

Q. I don’t have a whole day to do the course
This is why I have made it a study-at-home course. You can watch the DVDs at your own leisure. I have to say here that this course is worth you making some adjustments to your life if you don’t usually have that kind of time. It is very important, and usually for important events we make adjustments and maybe even some sacrifices. Trust me, it will be worth your time. Because I know that mothers and caretakers are usually tied to duties, I made sure to make it short enough to fit in one day, but long enough for you to learn a lot. In this one day, I squeeze in all you need to know, so that you don’t need to do it again and you can spend all your time after the course implementing the advice.

Q. What if a one-day course is not enough
If you remove all the clutter of information and all the mixed messages, you are left with an upper layer of the most important things that you need to know. I have put the most important things together. With that, you will have enough knowledge to exercise your common sense and make your own judgments in the future. Think of it as sifting through all the junk and getting only the good stuff. The stuff that really matters. And I will make sure you get all of it in this one-day course.


Terms & Conditions *

For further questions, you can call Bahrain +973 17 611891. Calls are not answered live so you MUST leave me your name and number to call you back. I promise to contact you as soon as I can.

Make the right decision now and order. Hurry, stocks are limited! I have no doubt the benefits to you and your child will be endless.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind regards,

Nutritional Therapist, Author

P.S. Remember the course is available as an information product with DVDs and everything. It's yours to own as a study-at-home course. Perfect solution to a busy schedule and a burning desire to get kids healthy!

P.P.S. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have access on the most profound methods of bringing nutrition solutions to the children around you! It will be the best decision you make this year!

To go to my website, go to

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